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Joseph J. Wilby, B.A., LLP

Long time resident of the City of Fredericton, Joseph Wilby is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick Law School and has practiced law in Fredericton and throughout the Province of New Brunswick for over twenty-eight years.  He is an accomplished family practitioner and is educated and well experienced in the areas of mediation and negotiations.  His law practice also encompasses the areas of real estate and probate law.  He is educated and practicing collaborative law and belongs to the River Valley Collaborative Law Group, a growing group of Fredericton lawyers who feel that mediation is better for all concerned when it comes to family law.

Joseph Wilby has appeared before the Federal Court of Canada, Provincial Court, Court of Queen's Bench - Trial, Probate & Family Divisions, and the New Brunswick Court of Appeal. Joe has served as course lecturer during Bar Admission Courses and participated in pro-bono sessions through the Legal Aid clinics.

Mr. Wilby and his wife, Barbara Cull-Wilby, have three children, Simon, Sarah and Esther.

The picture below was taken in October 2008, while Joe was performing a wedding ceremony officiating as Deputy Clerk for the Court of Queens Bench.





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